For individuals

About 15 years ago, as I started offering coaching sessions, I observed that the people that seeked my services were predominantly change makers, visionaries, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, artists, and more generally creators. As people found more coherence and purpose within, they also started dreaming and creating solutions that embodied their new state of awareness.

As I developped my understanding of Taoism, Chinese Medicine, Energy Medicine, Family constellation, Karmic entanglements, Body work, Archetypal psychology, an integral method of coaching emerged.

A typical session of coaching with me incorporates 20-30 mins of talking and 30-45 mins of integrative body work.
As we explore and open new pathways within the mind or the spirit, treating the corresponding pathways within the body is key .

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Online 1 to 1 coaching

Online coaching does not allow direct physical work
Instead we focus on mental and spiritual coaching.
We will explore the roots of the challenges you currently have in your life. This journey may take us to your ancestral lineage, your inner child, your birth, or to the time you were in your mother's womb.
The corresponding pathways within the body are treated through energetic distant healing.

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For companies/ start-ups/ NGO's

5 elements theory and the principles of acupuncture can be applied to any systemic approach.
After studying closely the stages of development in children acupuncture, I have come to the conclusion that those principles are universal and apply to all the gestation, birthing, pre-development, development and operational stages of any project.
As an auditing or project management tool, a 5 elements integrative approach will strengthen, ground, balance and help you and your purpose driven entreprise grow.

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