About me

From my mother's Polynesian roots, I inherited a connection with our planet's natural cycles, the visible and the invisible and how our thoughts and intent affect our health and our ability to manifest the reality we live in every moment.

As an intuitive healer and coach, I support others in their intuitive development, energetic healing, using Traditional Chinese Medicine and other modalities that aim to balance and align the mind, body, soul, heart and spirit.

My purpose is to impact and shift the way we relate to others and Mother Earth's natural ressources.

The Healing modalities that I offer in my Zürich based healing center are:
- Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuntur, TuiNa Massage Therapy, Chinese Medicinal Herbs, Qi Gong exercises
- Family Constellations in a one to one setting
- Trauma release
- Rebirthing
- Life Coaching, systemic coaching, inner child healing, ancestral lineage healing

Beyond the various healing arts that I offer in Zürich, I am also sought after by private sector, organisations, start-ups, social enterprises, NGO's and individuals who create a paradigm shift that comes from their intent as human beings to shift themselves from within; and implement those shifts into tangible and impactful actions, whilst enriching their own lives, their families, and the communities at large around them.

Here's a few practical exemples of the "Spiritual entrepeneurship" that I have been promoting through my inner and outer practices.

Lifeflowtao.com - 2024
In response to the prevalent challenges encountered on the path of impact and change, I birthed in 2024 the Lifeflow Mastery coaching program, an invitation-only 9-month coaching program based on the ancient wisdom of "as above, so below; as outside, so inside."

HATCHexperience Egypt - October 2022
A 10 day retreat on the Nile with workshops to inspire, explore, and connect with peer leaders building a better tomorrow for humanity and the planet.
My role: Spiritual facilitator

Threefold - 2020-2022
A conscious start-up whose purpose is to build an open-source peer-to-peer Internet infrastructure that removes all forms of centralization from the global IT systems: the people's internet.
My role: Spiritual facilitator

Davos Blockbase
A WEF side events that promoted personal and planetary shift through connectivity.
2019 and 2020
My role: Spiritual facilitator, spaceholder

Ubuntu Tribe
Conscious Fintech creating financial inclusion solutions for the unbanked.
My role: Development of a Holistic system that promotes the balance between Yin and Yang financial models. Hoping to impact society at large.

TheCreators2030 UN SDGs & Youth Initiative
An Initiative For the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
My role: Global Advisor for Health & Well-being

Languages: French, English, German, Spanish


2023 Swiss OdA AM Certification for Chinese Medicinal Herbs

2020 Swiss OdA AM Certification for Acupuncture and Tuina massage therapy

2018-2020 Phytotherapy for Traditional Chinese Medicine
Heilpratikerschule Luzern

2019 Family Constellation Certificate
Paracelsius Zürich

2018 TCM Acupressure Massage Therapy
Biomedica Zürich

2016-2017 1 year Praktikum, Biao Ben Acupuncture with Marli Rutz
Praxis anisanis.ch Zürich

2015-2019 TCM Acupuncture & TuiNa
Biomedica Zürich

2013-2015 Traditional Chinese Medicine foundation course
Biomedica Zürich

2011-2013 Reiki Master training

2000 Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts
Ecole D'art D'Annecy

If you are interested in the other passion of my life which is painting you will find some of my art work in our Healing Center.
Instagram: @annielaurefernandez.